Heaven – Christoph Marzi

“They’d kill for her heart”

After reading the very strange and short blurb to this book, I was hooked! It sounded amazing and completely crazy, which it was.

The story is about a girl called Heaven and a boy called David. It starts with the night that Heaven has her heart cut out by a creepy man that changes his name far too much throughout the course of the book. This man had been hired to cut out her heart. However after having her heart cut out, Heaven gets up and runs away. Obviously she is not normal. Then she meets David and so begins their adventure to escape being killed by the man with the knife while at the same time find out about Heaven’s true identity and get her heart back.

It was a truly unforgettable read and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a thrilling read. It was the second book I have read from bookswithbite, the first being Anna Dressed in Blood, and I am beginning to suspect a lot of their books will be fantastic!



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